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Effective ways for the child to let go of the pacifier

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Effective ways for the child to let go of the pacifier
Effective ways for the child to let go of the pacifier

To take the pacifier away from the baby, parents need to adopt strategies such as explaining to the child that he is already big and no longer needs the pacifier, encouraging him to throw it away in the trash or give it to someone else, in addition, always If the child remembers the pacifier, he should be distracted with another situation so that he forgets about the pacifier.

This pacifier removal process can be complicated and time-consuming, requiring a lot of patience from the parents, because the child can get angry and cry asking for the pacifier. However, it is important to remove the pacifier before the age of 3 because from this stage onwards it becomes harmful to the development of the child's jaws, teeth and speech.

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What to do to get the child to let go of the pacifier

To remove the pacifier from the child, it is necessary to define strategies, such as:

  1. Telling the child that older children do not use a pacifier;
  2. When you leave the house, explain to the child that the pacifier is at home;
  3. Use the pacifier only to sleep and take it out of the child's mouth when he/she falls asleep;
  4. Explain to the child that he no longer needs the pacifier and encourage him to throw the pacifier in the trash;
  5. Ask the child to give the pacifier to his cousin, younger brother, Santa Claus or any other figure he admires;
  6. Whenever the child asks for a pacifier, distract him by talking about something else or offering another toy;
  7. Praise the baby when he manages to go without the pacifier for a while, creating a table and offering stars whenever you think the child has overcome the desire for the pacifier;
  8. Use when the pacifier is getting damaged to encourage the child to throw it away;
  9. Take the child to the dentist so that he can explain in a simple way that the pacifier can bend the teeth.

In most cases it is necessary to adopt all these strategies at the same time so that the child leaves the pacifier more easily.

How can parents help?

In this process of letting go of the pacifier, it is essential that parents do not go back on the decision. It is normal for the baby to cry, throw a tantrum and be very angry, but you have to be patient and understand that this step is necessary.

For example, if they defined that the pacifier is only to be used during sleep and not used during the day, it cannot be given to the child during the day for any reason, because that way, the child will understand that if throws tantrums, she gets the pacifier again.

Why give up the pacifier?

The use of a pacifier after 3 years of age can cause changes in the mouth, especially in the teeth, such as space between the teeth, very high roof of the mouth and teeth sticking out, leaving the child with teeth. In addition, it can lead to changes in the development of the head, such as smaller size of the mandible, which is the jaw bone, changes in speech, breathing and excessive production of saliva.

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