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4 pranks to help babyê to sit alone

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4 pranks to help babyê to sit alone
4 pranks to help babyê to sit alone

Baby usually starts trying to sit up around 4 months, but can only sit unsupported, still, and alone until about 6 months of age.

However, through exercises and strategies that parents can do with their baby that strengthen their back and belly muscles, parents can help their baby sit up faster.

Plays to help baby sit up alone

Some games that can help the baby to sit up alone are:

1. Rock baby

With the baby sitting on your lap, facing forward, rock him back and forth, holding him well. This allows baby to exercise and strengthen the back muscles that are essential for keeping baby sitting unsupported.

2. Seating the baby with multiple pillows

Putting the baby in a sitting position with several pillows around him, makes the baby learn to stay in the sitting position.

3. Put a toy in the bottom of the crib

When the baby is standing up in the crib, you can put a toy, preferably, that he likes very much, at the bottom of the crib so that he has to sit down to be able to pick it up.

4. Pull the baby to a sitting position

With the baby lying on his back, grab his hands and pull him until he is sitting up. After sitting for about 10 seconds, lie down again and repeat. This exercise helps strengthen your baby's belly and back muscles.

After the baby is able to sit up without support, it is important to let him sit on the floor, on a rug or pillow, and remove any object with which he could hurt himself or swallow.

Watch the following video to see how your baby develops at each stage and how to help him sit up on his own:

How to avoid accidents while he doesn't sit yet

At this stage, the baby still doesn't have much strength in his torso and therefore he can fall forward, backward and sideways, hitting his head or getting hurt and therefore he should not be left alone.

A good strategy is to buy a pool float that fits your baby's size to put around your waist. That way, if he loses his balance, the buoy will break the fall. However, it cannot replace the presence of the parents because it does not protect the child's head.

You must be careful with the corners of the furniture because they can cause cuts. There are some inserts that can be purchased at children's stores but pillows can also be useful.

See also how to teach baby to crawl faster.

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