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What to do when the childçs head hitsça

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What to do when the childçs head hitsça
What to do when the childçs head hitsça

Most of the time, the falls are not serious and in the place where the head was hit, there is usually only a slight swelling, known as a "bump", or bruise that usually goes away in 2 weeks, not being necessary go to the emergency room.

However, there are also situations that require more attention, and the child should be taken to the emergency room, especially if he loses consciousness or is vomiting.

When the child falls and hits his head, it is advised:

  1. Try to calm the child, keeping the speech as calm as possible;
  2. Observe the child for 24 hours for swelling or deformity in any part of the head, as well as unusual behavior;
  3. Apply a cold compress or ice to the region of the head where you hit, for about 20 minutes, repeating 1 hour later;
  4. Apply an ointment, such as hirudoid, for hematoma in the following days.

Usually, with the application of ice and ointment, the bruise disappears around 2 weeks after the fall. However, if the child has a clotting problem or is undergoing treatment that causes a reduction in platelets, it is necessary to seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if the blow was apparently mild, as there is a greater risk of bleeding.

When to go to the hospital

After the child hits his head, call 911 or seek emergency medical attention if any of the following alert situations occur:

  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Vomiting immediately after the fall or up to hours later;
  • Excessive crying that does not stop even with the mother's affection;
  • Difficulty moving an arm or a leg;
  • Pheasant or very slow breathing;
  • Complaints about altered vision;
  • Difficulty walking or loss of balance;
  • Purple eyes;
  • Behavior changed.

Some of these signs may indicate that the child has suffered a head injury and therefore it is important to start treatment as soon as possible to avoid sequelae.

Also, it is advisable to go to the doctor if the child has a bleeding wound or open wound, as suturing may be necessary.

It is important not to forget to bring the child's documents, explain exactly what happened and inform the doctors if the child has any type of illness or allergy.

What to do if the child is not breathing

In cases where the child hits his head, becomes unconscious and does not breathe, it is important to follow these steps:

  1. Ask for help: if you are alone, ask for help shouting out loud "I need help! The child is passed out!"
  2. Dial 192 immediately, notifying what happened, location and name. If another person is nearby, the medical emergency call must be made by that person;
  3. Permeabilize the airways, laying the child on his back on the floor, lifting the chin back;
  4. Bring 5 breaths into the child's mouth, to help the air reach the child's lungs;
  5. Start heart massage,making compression movements in the center of the chest, between the nipples. In babies and children under 1 year it is recommended to use both thumbs instead of hands. See how to do cardiac massage correctly;
  6. Repeat 2 breaths in the child's mouth between every 30 heart massages.

Cardiac massage should be continued until the ambulance arrives, the child is breathing again, or until exhaustion. If there is another person nearby who feels capable of performing cardiac massages, you can alternate with that person to rest and maintain compressions for longer.

How to prevent your child from hitting their head

To prevent a fall and prevent the child from hitting their head, it is necessary to take some precautions such as preventing babies from being alone on the bed, not placing the baby in comfort on high counters or benches, supervising small children when on higher surfaces, such as high chairs or strollers.

It is also important to protect windows with bars and screens, supervise children in places that have stairs and it is necessary to ensure that older children wear helmets when riding bicycles, skates or skateboards, for example.

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