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6 steps to clean baby's earê

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6 steps to clean baby's earê
6 steps to clean baby's earê

To clean the baby's ear, follow the steps below:

  1. Lay the baby on a safe surface;
  2. Turn baby's head so that the ear is facing up;
  3. Lightly wet the end of the diaper, towel or gauze in warm water without soap;
  4. Squeeze the fabric to remove excess water;
  5. Wipe towel, diaper or damp gauze over the outside of the ear to remove dirt;
  6. Dry the ear with a soft towel.

It is important to remember that only the external dirt must be removed, as the wax is naturally drained from the ear and eliminated during the bath.The use of cotton swabs is not recommended, as in addition to being able to push the wax into the ear, it can also increase the risk of accidents, such as a ruptured eardrum, for example.

Wax is a substance naturally produced by the body to protect the ear against the entry of dust and dirt, in addition to forming a barrier that makes it difficult for microorganisms to enter that cause infections and inflammation of the ear, such as otitis.

When cleaning baby's ear

Baby's ear can be cleaned every day after bathing, following the steps indicated. This routine is able to keep the ear canal always free of excess wax that can affect hearing and cause infections.

However, if there is an excessive accumulation of wax, it is advisable to consult the pediatrician to have a professional cleaning and evaluate if there is a problem with the ear.

When to go to the pediatrician

Normal earwax is thin and yellowish in color and drains naturally through a small channel inside the ear. However, when there are problems in the ear, the wax can vary in color and thickness, becoming more liquid or thick, and it is recommended to go to the pediatrician for an evaluation.

Also, when there is a problem, the baby may show other signs such as rubbing the ears, sticking a finger in the ear or even have a fever if an infection is developing. In these cases, consultation with the pediatrician is essential, as it is possible to make the diagnosis and initiate the most appropriate treatment. Know the main causes of pain in the baby's ear.

How to prevent ear inflammation

Ear inflammation, also known as otitis, can be prevented with simple measures such as drying the baby's ear well after bathing, cleaning the outside and the back of the baby's ears well as explained above, and don't leave the baby's ears under water while bathing.

In addition, you should never use any sharp object to try to remove the wax or help with cleaning the inside of the ear, such as cotton swabs, staples or toothpicks, as it can easily open wounds or rupture the child's eardrum.

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