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Diaper guide: how many and what size to buy

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Diaper guide: how many and what size to buy
Diaper guide: how many and what size to buy

The newborn usually needs 7 disposable diapers a day, that is, about 200 diapers a month, which must be changed whenever they are dirty with pee or poop. However, the amount of diapers depends on the absorbency of the diaper and whether the baby pees a lot or little.

Normally the baby urinates after feeding and after each meal, so it is necessary to change the diaper after the baby is fed, but if the amount of urine is low and if the diaper has a good storage capacity, it is possible wait a while to save on diapers, but after the baby has a bowel movement it is necessary to change the diaper immediately because poop can cause diaper rash very quickly.

As the baby grows, the number of diapers needed per day will decrease and the size of the diapers must also be suitable for the child's weight. what body weight is it indicated.

Choose what you want to calculate: Number of diapers for a period or To order at baby shower:

How many diapers to take to the hospital

Parents must take at least 2 packs of 15 diapers in newborn size to the maternity hospital and when the baby is over 3.5kg he can use size P.

Number of diaper size P

The amount of diapers size P is for babies with 3, 5 and 5 kg, and at this stage he should still use about 7 to 8 diapers a day, so in a month he will need about 220 diapers.

Number of diaper size M

M size diapers are suitable for babies weighing 5 to 9 kg, and if your baby is around 5 months old, the amount of diapers daily starts to decrease a little, so if 7 diapers were needed, he should start needing 6 diapers and so on. Thus, the amount of diapers needed per month is approximately 180.

Number of diapers size L and LG

The size L diapers are for babies weighing 9 to 12 kg and the large diapers are for children over 12 kg. At this stage, you usually need about 5 diapers a day, which is about 150 diapers a month.

So, if the baby is born weighing 3.5kg and has an adequate weight gain, he should use:

Newborn up to 2 months 220 diapers per month
3 to 8 months 180 diapers per month
9 to 24 months 150 diapers per month

A good way to save and not buy such a large amount of disposable diapers is to buy the new models of cloth diapers, which are ecological, resistant and cause less allergies and rashes on the baby's skin. See Why Use Cloth Diapers?

How many diaper packs to order at the baby shower

The number of diaper packs you can order at the baby shower varies depending on the number of guests attending.

The most sensible thing is to order a larger number of diapers size M and L because these are the sizes that will be used the longest, however it is also important to order 2 or 3 packages in the newborn size unless the baby already has an estimated weight above 3.5 kg.

The exact number of diapers depends on the manufacturer's brand and the baby's growth rate, but here's an example that might be useful:

Number of guests Order sizes
6 RN: 2

P: 2

M: 2

8 RN: 2


M: 3

G: 1

15 RN: 2

P: 5

M: 6

G: 2

25 RN: 2

P: 10

M: 10

G: 3

In the case of twins, the number of diapers must always be doubled and if the baby is born prematurely or weighing less than 3.5 kg, he can use the newborn size RN or diapers suitable for premature babies that can only be purchased at pharmacies.

Warning signals

You should be alert if the baby has diaper rash or if the skin of the genital area is red because this area is very sensitive. To avoid diaper rash, it is important to avoid the contact of pee and poop with the baby's skin and therefore it is advisable to change the diaper more frequently, apply ointment against diaper rash and keep the baby properly hydrated because very concentrated urine becomes more acidic and increases the risk of diaper rash.

How to know if the baby is well hydrated

The diaper test is an excellent way to know if your baby is eating well, so pay attention to the number of diapers you change throughout the day. The baby should not stay more than 4 hours in the same diaper, so be suspicious if he stays longer in a dry diaper.

Baby is well fed whenever he is alert and active, otherwise he may be dehydrated and this indicates that he is not sucking enough volume. In this case, increase the number of times you offer the breast, in the case of a bottle, offer water as well.

The baby should pee between six and eight times a day and the urine should be clear and diluted. The use of cloth diapers facilitates this assessment. With regard to bowel movements, hard and dry stools may indicate that the amount of milk ingested is not being enough.

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