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Baby developmentê - 7 weeks of gestationção

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Baby developmentê - 7 weeks of gestationção
Baby developmentê - 7 weeks of gestationção

Week of gestation: 7 weeks

Equals to month: 3rd week of 2nd month

Equals to days: 43 to 49 days of gestation

The development of the baby at 7 weeks of gestation is marked by the accelerated development of the brain with the formation of new neurons, and the head begins to become more defined with more centralized eyes, eyelid formation and the development of the mouth, nostrils and ears.

In this week of pregnancy, as the uterus grows and the baby develops, the belly starts to be noticed, and the woman may continue to have morning sickness, constipation or the urge to urinate frequently.

Baby development

In the seventh week of pregnancy, the developing embryo is more than twice the size of the previous week. This week is characterized by accelerated growth mainly of the head and brain, in which new brain cells and neurons are formed. At the end of this week, the brain already has three regions that will be responsible for reasoning, memory, learning and for coordinating breathing, muscles and heartbeat.

Arm and leg buds have already developed and fingers and toes begin to form, while organs continue to form, but it is still too early to play any role.

In this week of pregnancy, the placenta is much larger than the baby and the umbilical cord is taking shape. The eyes, which were on the side of the head, begin to approach and the eyelids begin to develop.The embryo's face begins to become more defined with the development of the mouth, nostrils and ears.

At this stage the baby will be able to move, but the woman will probably not feel the movement until 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Baby size

The size of the embryo at 7 weeks of gestation is 12 to 18 millimeters, equivalent to the size of a blueberry.

Changes in a woman's body

In the seventh week of pregnancy, the uterus begins to lean forward and you can already see the belly growing. Symptoms of morning sickness, constipation, and the frequent urge to urinate may become more evident. In addition, women may be more sensitive to smells, which can contribute to increased nausea.

At this stage, due to hormonal changes and increased blood flow in the uterus, there may be an increase in the production of cervical mucus, called leucorrhoea, which can be perceived as a thin, milky white and odorless discharge.This mucus is considered normal and is part of the mucus plug, which is a substance that is intended to protect the baby from infections that could interfere with the baby's development. Learn more about what the mucus plug is for.

Furthermore, changes can occur in the skin that becomes more oily, which can cause acne to appear on the face, and a more rosy glow, due to increased blood flow and hormones.

Care during the 7th week

In the 7th week of pregnancy, some precautions are important to help alleviate the discomforts that may arise, such as:

  • Morning sickness: if you are very sick, your doctor may prescribe the use of medicine for nausea during pregnancy, but a good tip is right when you get up in the morning to eat 1 cracker of water and s alt and only after a few minutes have breakfast;
  • Constipation: drinking plenty of fluids, eating a diet rich in fiber, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and physical activity help improve bowel movement, fighting constipation;
  • Sensitivity to smells: avoid strong smells such as hot food, perfume, bath soap or cleaning products, which can make you feel sick or make you feel sick;
  • Acne on the face: Wash your face with a mild soap every day and use an oil-free moisturizer as prescribed by your doctor.

In addition, it is important to have a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients necessary for the baby's development, to practice physical activities, as long as allowed by the doctor, to rest whenever possible and to take time to take care of yourself. Another important care is to avoid the use of medication, except those prescribed by the doctor.

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