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5 ways to stimulate babyê still in the belly

5 ways to stimulate babyê still in the belly
5 ways to stimulate babyê still in the belly

Stimulating the baby while still in the womb, with music or reading, can promote their cognitive development, since they are already aware of what is happening around them, responding to stimuli through their heartbeats, which become calmer, of your movements and imitating the suction movement.

In addition, exercises used to stimulate the baby also help to strengthen the bonds between mother and baby, reducing the risk of postpartum depression, for example.

Some ways to stimulate the baby while still in the belly are:

1. Touch the belly lightly

Touching the belly during pregnancy is a movement that almost all pregnant women do from the beginning of their pregnancy and, normally, it is interpreted as the pregnant woman wanting to give affection to the baby that is growing in her belly.

However, several studies indicate that touch can also be felt by the baby, especially after 8 weeks of gestation, making him feel more relaxed and loved, facilitating his development. Often, the baby may even respond to touch, moving in the womb or pushing the feet and hands against the belly.

2. Put headphones on your belly

From the 25th week of pregnancy, the baby's ear is developed enough to be able to hear voices and sounds from outside the belly and, therefore, it is already able to recognize stimuli such as music.

Music usually has a relaxing effect on a baby, as well as helping with language comprehension, as songs with words, such as nursery rhymes, can help a baby more easily recognize words after birth.

3. Telling baby stories

Like music, storytelling to baby also helps baby to recognize words earlier, facilitating the process of language development.

Although the stories can be told by the father, it is also important that they be told by the mother, since it is the mother's voice that the baby recognizes best, as it is the voice that is always closest to the uterus throughout the entire life. day.

4. Exercising in the water

Being in the water is one of the simplest ways to relax during pregnancy, as it helps to relieve all the weight and pressure created on the body, making it easier for the mother to release all the emotional stress she is feeling..

Releasing stress is very important, not only for the he alth of the pregnant woman, but also for the baby, as when stress hormones are too high, they can hinder brain development.

5. Sunbathe everyday

Getting in the sun every day, for at least 20 minutes, helps the baby to develop stronger bones and also prevents the emergence of heart problems. In addition, the sun helps the body produce more vitamin D, which can prevent the onset of autism.

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