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5 benefímassage benefits at próstata (and as é made)

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5 benefímassage benefits at próstata (and as é made)
5 benefímassage benefits at próstata (and as é made)

Prostatic massage is a therapy in which the doctor, or specialist therapist, stimulates the prostate to expel fluids within the prostatic channels. The prostate is a small gland, the size of a chestnut, which is located just below the bladder and which produces an important fluid for the composition of sperm.

Since it is not possible to directly access the prostate, the massage must be done through the anus, as it is possible to feel the walls of the gland through the final portion of the intestine.

Although there is still no medical consensus on the benefits of prostate massage, it may help:

1. Avoid painful ejaculation

Some men may feel a lot of pain when ejaculating or shortly after they have ejaculated and this can happen due to the accumulation of fluid in the seminal ducts after the passage of sperm. With prostate massage, it is possible to create a very intense orgasm that helps to eliminate the remains of fluid present in the channels, relieving pain.

2. Improve sexual impotence

Since the prostate is a very sensitive gland, when it is stimulated it can cause a significant increase in pleasure waves during intimate contact. This stimulation may thus be able to allow the man to initiate and maintain an erection with greater ease.

Often, prostate massage can be combined with other conventional treatments to obtain better results against sexual impotence. Find out which forms of treatment are most used for this problem.

3. Reduce prostate inflammation

Inflammation of the prostate, also known as prostatitis, can be relieved with prostate massage because through this technique it is possible to increase blood circulation in the area, decreasing gland congestion and relieving inflammation and pain of chronic prostatitis.

4. Facilitate the flow of urine

For urine to be eliminated from the body, it needs to pass through the urethra, which is a small channel that passes inside the prostate. Thus, in the case of men having difficulties urinating due to inflammation of the prostate, massage can improve circulation and reduce local inflammation, freeing the urethra and facilitating the passage of urine.

5. Prevent prostate cancer

By improving blood circulation and relieving chronic inflammation of the prostate, massage can help reduce the risk of developing cancer or other less serious problems such as hypertrophy. In addition, prostate massage allows a constant evaluation of the gland, which can help to identify early cases of cancer, facilitating the treatment and improving the chances of cure.

How the massage is done

Stimulation of the prostate can be done with the fingers and, for this, the doctor puts on gloves and lubricant to reduce discomfort and pain. It can also be performed using special equipment designed to more easily reach the prostate.

What are the main risks

The main risks of this type of massage are related to excessive stimulation of the prostate, which can cause worsening of symptoms, emergence of new prostate problems and bleeding due to intestinal rupture.

Thus, it is recommended that the prostate massage be performed by a he alth professional specialized in the area, to avoid complications. In some cases, the doctor can teach the man or someone else to do the stimulation at home, as happens before intimate contact, in cases of sexual impotence, for example.

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