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How to stop snoring during pregnancy

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How to stop snoring during pregnancy
How to stop snoring during pregnancy

It is normal for a woman to start snoring during pregnancy it is normal and this usually starts in the second trimester of pregnancy, disappearing after the baby is born.

A woman can start snoring during pregnancy due to the increase in progesterone that can lead to swelling of the airways, which partially block the passage of air. This swelling of the airways can cause sleep apnea, which is characterized by loud snoring and short periods of breathing interruption during sleep, but although snoring affects almost half of pregnant women, it tends to disappear after childbirth.

What to do to prevent snoring during pregnancy

Some guidelines on what you can do to stop snoring during pregnancy are:

  • Sleep on your side and not on your back, because this facilitates the passage of air and improves the baby's oxygenation;
  • Use nasal or anti-snoring strips or dilators to dilate the nose and make breathing easier;
  • Use anti-snoring pillows, which better support the head, leaving the airways freer;
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages and do not smoke.

In the most serious cases when snoring interferes with the sleep of the woman or couple, it is possible to use nasal CPAP, which is a device that blows fresh air into the person's nostrils and through the generated air pressure manages to clear the airways, improving the passage of air, thus decreasing the sounds during sleep. It is possible to rent this device in some specialized stores, if you wish, talk to your doctor.

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