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14 foods rich in Ômega 3

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14 foods rich in Ômega 3
14 foods rich in Ômega 3

Foods rich in omega 3, such as flaxseed, olive oil, walnuts, almonds and some fish, are excellent for he alth, as they help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

In addition, foods rich in omega 3 also promote the proper functioning of the brain, as they help improve attention, memory and concentration, as well as prevent diseases such as depression. Understand better how omega 3 can improve depression.

It is worth remembering that these foods can also be used in a complementary way in the treatment of diseases such as depression, and even in the treatment of chronic inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Discover all the benefits of eating foods rich in omega 3.

List of foods rich in omega 3

The following table indicates the amount of omega 3 present in each 100g of food:

Foods rich in omega 3

Amount of omega 3


0, 25 g


2 g


1, 2 g


1, 2 g


2, 8 g


1 g


0, 5 g


0, 85 g

Chia seeds

18 g


6, 3 g

Cold pressed linseed oil

60 g

Cold pressed soybean oil

7, 6 g

Cold pressed canola oil

6, 78 g


8, 82 g

See with our nutritionist some tips on how to choose fish rich in omega 3 in the following video:

Foods fortified with omega 3

Foods such as butter, milk, eggs and bread can be enriched and are good options to increase the consumption of omega 3 in food.

However, the quality and quantity of omega 3 added in these foods is still very small, and it is important to prioritize the intake of foods naturally rich in this nutrient, which should be consumed at least 2 times a week.

Recommended daily amount of omega 3

The recommended daily amount of omega 3 varies according to age and sex, as shown in the following table:

Age group

Amount of omega 3 per day

Baby up to 1 year 500 mg
Between 1 and 3 years old 700 mg
Between 4 and 8 years old 900 mg
9-13 year olds 1200 mg
Girls from 9 to 13 years old 1000 mg
14 to 18 year olds 1600 mg
Girls aged 14 to 18 1100 mg
Adult and elderly men 1600 mg
Adult and elderly women 1100 mg
Women in pregnancy 1400 mg
Breastfeeding women 1300 mg

To add foods rich in omega 3 to your diet, see an example of a varied and he althy 3-day menu.

When to take omega 3 supplements

Omega 3 supplementation is usually done with the ingestion of capsules containing fish oil, krill oil, cod liver oil or vegetarian products with algae oil and should be recommended by a doctor or nutritionist. Fish oil supplement capsules contain an average of 1,000 mg of fish oil in each capsule, containing 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA.

Omega 3 supplements can be indicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding, when there is a deficiency of this nutrient or as an aid to reduce blood triglyceride levels. Discover the benefits of omega 3 during pregnancy.

Recipes rich in omega 3

Next, we suggest some recipes rich in omega 3 for a he althy and tasty diet:

1. Low carb pancake with flaxseed and chia


  • 1 egg;
  • 30 ml of water;
  • 10 ml of cream;
  • 10 grams of flaxseed flour;
  • 1 teaspoon chia seed;
  • 140 grams of spinach, washed and drained;
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil;
  • 1/4 chopped onion;
  • 1 pinch of oregano;
  • 3 pinches of s alt;
  • 50 grams of fresh ricotta.

Preparation method:

In a bowl, place the egg, water, cream and mix. Add the flour, 1 pinch of s alt, the chia seed and mix well. Grease the skillet with a little oil and heat.Add a little of the dough, let it cook until it releases from the bottom and turn, carefully, to cook on the other side. Make pancake discs and set aside. For the filling, heat a frying pan with a little oil and brown the onion. Add spinach, oregano and 2 pinches of s alt. Stir for 1 minute and turn off the heat. Mix the ricotta and spinach well and fill the pancakes. Close and cover with your favorite sauce.

2. Grilled tuna with vegetables


  • 400g potatoes;
  • 4 tuna steaks;
  • 1 red onion;
  • 2 carrots;
  • 1 zucchini;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • 1 dessert spoon of capers;
  • 1 bunch of fresh, washed coriander;
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil tea;
  • 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds;
  • Black pepper to taste.

Preparation method:

Preheat the oven to 200ÂșC. Wash the potatoes and cut into thin slices and place in a bowl with cold water. Cut the onion and carrots into thin slices, crush the garlic and reserve. Grind the capers with the coriander leaves and the oil (reserving 1 tablespoon) in a food processor or blender until smooth and set aside. Drain and dry the potato slices well and place in a bowl. Add the rest of the prepared vegetables, seasoning them with 1 tablespoon of coriander sauce. Spread the vegetables on a tray lined with aluminum foil or butter and place in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes. Grease a non-stick frying pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and, when hot, grill the tuna steaks for 3 minutes on each side. Pour the rest of the cilantro sauce over the grilled tuna and serve with the roasted vegetables and sprinkled with the sunflower seeds.

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