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Fever in pregnancy: what it can be and what to do

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Fever in pregnancy: what it can be and what to do
Fever in pregnancy: what it can be and what to do

In case of fever during pregnancy, above 37.8ºC, it is recommended to try to cool the body with natural methods such as placing a cloth soaked in cold water on the head, neck, neck and armpits.

Wearing cool clothes and drinking hot drinks such as teas and soups are also ways to control fever because hot foods and drinks stimulate perspiration, naturally lowering body temperature.

If the fever does not subside despite following the guidelines above, it is recommended to call the doctor or go to the hospital to investigate what may be causing a fever.


Teas to lower fever in pregnancy

Teas should not be used in a disorderly way during pregnancy because it is not always safe. Teas despite being made with medicinal plants can promote uterine contraction and vaginal bleeding, increasing the risks for the baby. Thus, the ideal is to drink only 1 cup of very hot chamomile tea so that the temperature alone promotes perspiration, lowering the fever naturally.

Remedies for fever in pregnancy

Fever remedies such as Paracetamol or Dipyrone should only be taken under medical advice, because it is important to know the cause of fever. Paracetamol is the only fever-lowering drug that a pregnant woman can take, even with medical advice.

What could be a fever in pregnancy

Some common causes of fever in pregnancy are urinary tract infection, pneumonia and intestinal infection caused by food. Usually, the doctor requests a blood and urine test to know how to try to identify what is causing a fever, but when there are signs of flu and cold, he may also order an x-ray exam to check for serious lung changes.

When there is fever in early pregnancy, up to 14 weeks of gestation, ectopic pregnancy may also be suspected, especially if there are symptoms such as intense pain in the bottom of the belly, and if the woman has not yet had an ultrasound to confirm that the baby is inside the uterus. Learn all about ectopic pregnancy.

Does fever in pregnancy harm the baby?

Fever above 39ºC during pregnancy can harm the baby and even lead to premature birth, not because of the rise in temperature, but because of what is causing the fever, which usually indicates an infection. So, in case of fever, you should always call the doctor or go to the hospital to perform tests that can indicate the reason for the fever and the necessary treatment.

When to go to the doctor

It is important that the pregnant woman seek medical help immediately if the fever appears for no apparent reason, if the temperature suddenly reaches 39ºC, if there are other symptoms such as headache, malaise, vomiting, diarrhea or of fainting.

When, in addition to fever, the woman has vomiting or diarrhea, it can be suspected that it is something related to food. In addition to seeking medical help as soon as possible, it is also important to drink water, homemade serum, soup and broths to replace the liquids and mineral s alts lost through diarrhea and vomiting.

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