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How to gain weight without gaining belly (diet, training and supplement)

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How to gain weight without gaining belly (diet, training and supplement)
How to gain weight without gaining belly (diet, training and supplement)

For those who want to gain weight without gaining belly, the secret lies in gaining weight through muscle mass gain. For this, it is necessary to practice physical exercises that cause a great effort and wear on the muscle, such as weight training and crossfit, in addition to having a diet rich in proteins, such as meat and eggs, and avoiding the consumption of foods rich in sugar.

In addition, in some cases, it may be necessary to use protein supplements to increase the stimulus of hypertrophy and accelerate muscle recovery after physical activity, and should be recommended and used according to the nutritionist's orientation or nutrologist.

This way, it is possible to promote muscle mass gain in a he althy way, which increases weight, and avoid the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region, for example.

1. Feed

To gain weight without gaining a belly, the diet should be based on natural and fresh foods, rich in fiber, such as cereals, fruits and vegetables, as they help to improve intestinal transit and reduce the speed of carbohydrate absorption and intestinal fat, promoting a greater feeling of satiety and regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, the diet should be rich in proteins, such as meat, eggs, fish, chicken, cheeses and natural yogurts, and rich in sources of good fats, such as peanuts, nuts, olive oil and seeds. These foods favor muscle formation and muscle recovery after training, increasing the stimulus for hypertrophy.

Another important point is to avoid foods rich in sugar and flour, such as cakes, white breads, cookies, sweets, snacks and industrialized products, as they have a high caloric concentration and stimulate the production of fat. See full menu to gain muscle mass.

See the following calculator for the ideal weight according to gender, age and height:

This calculator is not suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly and athletes.

2. Supplements

Supplements to gain muscle mass are those that favor muscle formation, as they are rich in protein or its precursors (amino acids). The use of supplements should be recommended by the nutritionist or nutritionist, being indicated when the consumption of proteins through food is insufficient or when it is difficult to reach the amount of protein in any meal during the day, especially for people who spend a lot of time outside. from home.

In addition to protein supplements, supplements such as creatine, BCAA's and caffeine can also be used, which give you more energy for training and increase the energy reserve in the muscles. Discover the main supplements to gain muscle mass.

3. Exercises

The best exercises to gain mass are weight training and crossfit, as they require an overload stimulus, in which the muscle is forced to sustain a greater weight than it usually can. This excess load stimulates the muscle to grow to be able to practice that activity more easily, and in this way hypertrophy is obtained.

Physical activity is essential to gain weight without gaining belly, and should be practiced for about 1 hour, preferably every day. However, it is important to take a day or two rest after working a muscle group to allow for adequate recovery.

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