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Opções of fattening supplements

Opções of fattening supplements
Opções of fattening supplements

Supplements to gain weight can be rich in protein, which helps in the formation of muscle tissue, increasing weight, or they have substances that open up the appetite to make you want to eat more and gain weight.

Protein fattening supplements are effective, especially for individuals who exercise regularly, as the increase in protein intake with intense exercise makes the muscles bigger, giving a body appearance he althy.


Some examples of this type of add-in are:

1. Whey protein

Whey Protein is a supplement widely used by men and women, as it promotes the production of proteins and muscles, helping to gain weight. In addition, Whey increases energy and increases performance in training.

Whey Protein exists in the form of powder and can be consumed mixed with water, milk or juice, in addition to fruit, ice cream and cereal, for example, or according to the nutritionist's guidance.


BCAA supplements help in the formation of muscles, and can be consumed before or after physical activity.

Normally BCAA is found in the form of capsules, and the price can vary between R$25 and R$85.00. Learn how to take the BCAA supplement.

3. Creatine

Creatine is a supplement that helps in gaining muscle mass, in addition to improving physical performance, and may be indicated for weight gain.

Creatine is naturally produced in the liver, but it can be found in powder form, and should be consumed according to your weight and under the guidance of a nutritionist. A pack of creatine powder with 100 g can vary between R$ 27 and R$ 44.00. The packages with 120 capsules have a price that varies between R$ 45 and R$ 90.00.

4. Whey Femme

Whey Femme is a type of whey protein aimed at women, since it consists of other substances that, in addition to promoting muscle mass gain, improve the appearance of hair and skin, for example.

But for those who want to gain weight and do not have time for physical activity, opting for the use of drugs that stimulate appetite may be the solution, and should only be consumed under the guidance of a nutritionist, such as Buclina, Cobavit and Enzicoba.

Increasing the intake of high-calorie foods is also important to obtain the expected result. However, to gain muscle mass and not accumulate localized fat, it is recommended to invest in foods rich in protein, leaving aside fats and sugars. Here's how:

A consultation with a good nutritionist and following their advice is important to know what to eat and what type of food supplement is ideal to take, according to your lifestyle and physical conditions.

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