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9 symptoms of constipation & constipation (and how to relieve it)

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9 symptoms of constipation & constipation (and how to relieve it)
9 symptoms of constipation & constipation (and how to relieve it)

The symptoms of constipation usually cause a lot of discomfort and are more common in people who have a low fiber diet, consume little water during the day and do not practice physical activity on a regular basis. In addition, constipation symptoms appear more often in women and older people, as well as in people who have hormonal changes. The main symptoms of constipation are:

  1. Too much effort to evacuate;
  2. Poop very hard and dry;
  3. Stools that cause bleeding when coming out;
  4. Sensation of incomplete evacuation;
  5. Constant abdominal pain and discomfort;
  6. Sensation of excess gas;
  7. Swelling of the belly;
  8. Moodiness and easy irritability;
  9. General malaise.

In addition, some people may also have a stabbing pain in the chest region, which happens due to the accumulation of gases and increased pressure in the intestine, which end up pushing the other organs in the abdominal region. Because bowel movements are difficult and often painful, it is common for people who have prolonged constipation to also have anal fissures or hemorrhoids. Learn more about constipation.


What causes constipation

Constipation is in most cases the result of a diet low in fiber and water, which causes the stool to become dry and dense, so that its passage through the digestive system becomes more complicated, remaining longer time in the intestinal tract. In addition, lack of physical activity can also interfere with bowel movements, favoring constipation.

Some psychological factors, such as stress or depression, for example, can also interfere negatively with the intestines and cause constipation. In some cases, constipation can also be a sign of more serious diseases, such as bowel cancer, being noted, in these cases, the presence of dark or bloody stools, weight loss for no apparent reason and frequent tiredness. Find out about other causes of constipation.

How to relieve

To alleviate the discomfort caused by constipation, it is important to adopt habits that help improve intestinal transit, promoting the elimination of feces. So, it's interesting:

  • Increase consumption of foods rich in fiber, such as unpeeled fruits, flour and whole grains;
  • Increase water consumption during the day;
  • Practice physical activity regularly;
  • Consume more good fats, such as avocado, coconut oil and olive oil, for example;
  • Consume probiotic foods such as plain yogurt.

In addition, it is also important to go to the bathroom whenever you feel like it and sit in the correct position to facilitate the passage of stool through the intestine and not cause discomfort. See more tips on what to do to fight constipation.

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