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Muscular hypertrophy: what é and how it happens

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Muscular hypertrophy: what é and how it happens
Muscular hypertrophy: what é and how it happens

Muscular hypertrophy corresponds to the increase in muscle mass that is the result of the balance between three factors: intense physical exercise, adequate nutrition and rest. Hypertrophy can be achieved by anyone, as long as you follow a training plan suitable for your goal, have a correct diet and rest your muscle groups at least 24 hours before working them again, as hypertrophy does not occur during training., but during rest.

The hypertrophy process must be accompanied by a qualified physical education professional, in addition to a nutritionist so that the diet is in accordance with the training and that the person does not suffer consequences, such as cramps or changes in the functioning of some organs.

How it happens

During exercise, muscles suffer small injuries to their fibers and, after training, the body begins to replenish and repair lost or damaged muscle fibers, promoting an increase in muscle size.

The process of "injury" of muscle fibers happens due to muscle stress, which can be a consequence of overload, that is, due to performing exercises with a load greater than what the muscles are used to, which induces a muscle adaptation process leads to hypertrophy.

The process of stress can also be perceived due to the burning sensation of the muscle during or after performing the exercise. This happens due to the swelling of muscle cells due to the accumulation of blood, glycogen and other substances inside them, which stimulates the increase of muscle mass.

Why do men gain more muscle mass than women?

Some studies indicate that muscle mass gain is related to hormonal and genetic factors and the type of physical activity performed. In this way, men can gain muscle mass more easily than women due to the fact that they have a greater amount of circulating testosterone in the body, which is the hormone responsible for muscle hypertrophy.

In addition, it has been shown that the amount of fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are those that guarantee strength and volume, is greater in men than in women, which is why muscle mass gain is more effective in women. male people.

Another factor that contributes to easier hypertrophy in men is the fact that women have a higher level of circulating estrogen in the body, which is a hormone that favors fat deposition, which interferes with mass gain muscular.

How to do the training for hypertrophy

The training for hypertrophy must be established by a qualified physical education professional according to the person's characteristics. Normally, this type of training is done intensively, at least 3 times a week and using a high load, to enhance the hypertrophy process.

However, some training modalities, such as crossfit, for example, can complement the use of weight with exercises that use the body's own weight, which makes training more dynamic, as it changes muscle stimulation, favoring hypertrophy.

Furthermore, it is recommended that in addition to strength and muscular endurance exercises, aerobic activities are practiced, as it is possible to stimulate the body's metabolism, increasing energy expenditure and promoting fat burning. As fat is eliminated, it is possible to gain muscle more easily, and it is also important to have an adequate diet for the purpose to ensure muscle mass.

Check out a complete workout to gain muscle mass.

What to eat to gain muscle mass

To gain muscle mass, it is essential to have a diet according to the objective, being normally indicated that you eat more calories than you spend and that the diet is composed of good fats and proteins, as they help in the recovery process of muscle fibers. It is also important that complex carbohydrates are consumed, as they provide energy for the performance of the workout and are involved in muscle recovery after training. Check out a complete menu for gaining muscle mass.

It is essential that the diet for hypertrophy is done under the guidance of the nutritionist, as it is possible that a food plan is indicated according to the person's nutritional needs, body composition and short, medium and long term goals.

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