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11 tips to end candidíase rápido

11 tips to end candidíase rápido
11 tips to end candidíase rápido

Candidiasis is an infection caused by excess Candida albicans fungus in the intimate region and, therefore, the best form of treatment is to use ointments or antifungal drugs, which must be prescribed by a gynecologist or urologist.

However, there are several tips that can speed up the recovery process, relieving symptoms and bringing more comfort to everyday life.

Although these tips are quite effective in both treating and preventing a new infection, they should not replace the treatment prescribed by your doctor. This means that medical evaluation is always advised to start the treatment, and the tips should only complement the use of the remedies indicated by the gynecologist or urologist. See the main ointments and medications indicated for candidiasis.


1. Do not wear wet clothes

The candidiasis fungus grows in humid and warm environments, which makes the intimate region conducive to the growth of this fungus. After going to the beach, swimming pool, sauna or after using a bathtub, it is important to change your underwear, bikini or bathing suit as soon as possible, to prevent the intimate area from becoming more humid and hot, preventing the multiplication of Candida albicans. and the worsening of candidiasis.

In addition, drying the intimate area well with a soft towel when removing wet clothes is also essential to prevent the growth of candidiasis fungus.

2. Wearing clothing made from organic material

Wearing clothes made from synthetic materials such as lycra, microfiber or elastane can aggravate the irritation of the intimate region, as they are less "breathable", increasing perspiration and stuffiness in the region, which facilitates the development of fungi.

For this reason, it is recommended to wear clothes made of organic material, such as cotton, in addition to light and loose clothes, which allow greater ventilation of the skin.

3. Maintain proper intimate hygiene

Maintaining adequate hygiene in the intimate region helps to maintain the balance of bacterial flora and prevent the proliferation of candidiasis fungus. The ideal is to use soaps of neutral pH and water, washing only the external part with gentle movements.

4. Sleep without underwear

Sleeping without underwear is a great option to help prevent the aggravation of candidiasis, as the intimate region is less stuffy, more ventilated and less humid, making it difficult for the fungus that causes candidiasis to proliferate, which requires a humid and humid environment. hot to proliferate.

5. Avoid using intimate deodorants

Intimate deodorants serve to increase the sensation of freshness in the region, however, they can cause irritation, allergy and change the pH of the region, which can facilitate the development of fungi.

The ideal is to completely avoid the use of intimate deodorants or use only in the groin and in the external part of the intimate region.

6. Avoid female intimate showers

Using a douche, in which you wash inside the vaginal canal, is relatively common among women but can increase the risk of developing or worsening candidiasis. This is because the intimate shower destroys the vaginal flora, causing an imbalance of fungi and he althy bacteria present naturally in the vagina and, therefore, increases the chances of the appearance of candidiasis.

7. Avoid sanitary pads

Daily pads are generally used to keep your underwear dry and clean throughout the day, however, daily use can smother the intimate area leaving it wetter and warmer, which favors the growth of the fungus that causes candidiasis.

Therefore, avoiding the use of daily pads, especially during infection, is important to prevent the worsening of candidiasis.

8. Avoid using baby wipes

Wet wipes, despite being very practical, can cause irritation or allergy in the intimate region, leading to uncontrolled pH and bacterial flora, which can cause the candidiasis fungus to multiply.

9. Washing underwear correctly

Soaps with dyes or perfumes should not be used to wash underwear as they contain several chemical substances that can irritate or cause allergies in the intimate region, facilitating the development of fungi.

The ideal is to use special soap for underwear, in addition to avoiding mixing underwear with other clothes in the washer and dryer in an airy environment or hanging in the sun.

10. Decrease consumption of sugar and simple carbohydrates

Foods such as bread, cheese, chocolate, cakes and sweets, for example, should be avoided or have their consumption reduced, as they increase the amount of sugar in the blood, make the body more acidic and lead to uncontrolled pH, favoring the proliferation of Candida albicans and making treatment difficult.

For this reason, you should avoid the consumption of sugar and simple carbohydrates, giving preference to foods that strengthen the immune system, such as fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts.

11. Drinking teas that strengthen the immune system

A good way to prevent the worsening of candidiasis and help in the treatment is to strengthen the immune system with the use of medicinal plants, such as echinacea or ginger, which can be used in the form of teas.

Check out a list of teas that help strengthen the immune system and how to take them.

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