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6 symptoms of male candidíase (and what to do)

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6 symptoms of male candidíase (and what to do)
6 symptoms of male candidíase (and what to do)

Candidiasis is a disease caused by the fungus Candida albicans, and it manifests itself mainly when the immune system is weakened, as happens during periods of great stress or when you have a disease such as diabetes or HIV infection, for example. The symptoms of candidiasis in men are quite uncomfortable and appear especially on the penis, the main ones being:

  1. Intense itching of the penis;
  2. Redness and swelling in the genital area;
  3. White discharge;
  4. Pain or burning when urinating;
  5. Discomfort during intercourse;
  6. Appearance of whitish plaques on the head of the penis.

In the presence of signs and symptoms suggestive of genital candidiasis, it is recommended to consult the urologist to confirm the infection and initiate the most appropriate treatment.

Although it is more common in the genital region, candidiasis can also appear in the mouth, intestines or on the skin, especially in regions such as the bend of the knees, groin, neck and belly button, so it is important to consult a doctor. general practitioner or dermatologist so that the best treatment is indicated. See more about candidiasis in men.


Symptom Test

To know the risk of having candidiasis, select the symptoms presented in the following test:

  1. 1. Intense itching in the genital area Yes No
  2. 2. Redness and swelling in the genital area Yes No
  3. 3. White patches on vagina or penis head Yes No
  4. 4. White, lumpy discharge similar to curdled milk Yes No
  5. 5. Pain or burning when urinating Yes No
  6. 6. Discomfort or pain during intimate contact Yes No


Make an appointment with a specialist


What to do in case of suspicion

When you think you may have candidiasis, it is very important to consult a urologist to confirm the diagnosis and start treatment with an antifungal ointment. However, to relieve symptoms at home, while waiting for the appointment, keep the intimate area very clean and dry, as well as avoid wearing synthetic or very tight clothing, in order to allow the skin to breathe.

In cases where candidiasis is very frequent or persistent, and in the absence of other factors such as anxiety, stress or colds, it is advisable that the man has a blood test to assess the possibility of having any disease that is harming the immune system, such as diabetes or even an HIV infection.

How to treat candidiasis in men

Treatment for thrush in men can be done at home by taking an anti-fungal medication such as Fluconazole and/or using an anti-fungal ointment such as Nystatin for approximately 7 to 10 minutes. days. See a more complete list of ointments used to treat thrush.

In addition, during treatment it is also important to avoid the consumption of sweet, sugary foods or sources of carbohydrates, as they favor the development of the Candida fungus. Check out this and other tips to complete the treatment of candidiasis naturally.

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