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Método Billings: what é, how it works and how to do it

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Método Billings: what é, how it works and how to do it
Método Billings: what é, how it works and how to do it

The Billings method of ovulation is a natural technique that aims to identify a woman's fertile period from the observation of the characteristics of the cervical mucus, which can be perceived right at the entrance to the vagina, thus making it possible to prevent or try a pregnancy.

The presence of mucus indicates female hormonal changes and, according to the characteristics, it can inform the woman if there are chances that fertilization will occur more easily and if the organism is ready or not to receive a pregnancy. Learn more about cervical mucus and what it indicates.

Although the Billings method is effective and useful to inform the days when you should or should not have sex, according to the couple's desire, it is important that the condom is still used, because in addition to being contraceptive protects from various infections that can be transmitted sexually.


How it works

The Billings method is based on the characteristics of cervical mucus. For this, it is important that, before being used in fact, the woman makes observations in order to identify the characteristics of her cervical mucus inside and outside the fertile period, as well as daily recording the presence or absence of mucus, its consistency and the days you had sexual intercourse.

Some characteristics that may indicate that a woman is in her fertile period are:

  • Sensation of being wetter in the vulva region;
  • Thinner and clearer mucus, which may be more consistent or similar to egg whites;
  • Libido increase;
  • Increased body temperature.

In the presence of these characteristics, if there is sexual intercourse during this period, fertilization and subsequent pregnancy are likely to occur. However, if this doesn't happen, there will be hormonal discharge and menstruation, starting another cycle. Here's how to know if you're fertile.

It is important that the woman knows how to recognize the consistencies of the mucus during the menstrual cycle to avoid misinterpretations. In addition, if the Billings method is being followed, it is recommended to avoid the use of hormonal drugs, apply spermicides, introduce objects or perform internal exams in the vagina, as they can cause changes in the cervical mucus, making it difficult for the woman to interpret.

However, more experienced women who use this method for months in a row may find it easier to identify changes in their cervical mucus that can be caused by external situations such as these or even diseases.

Key benefits

The advantages of using only this method to get pregnant or not to get pregnant are:

  • It is a simple and easy method to be applied;
  • No need to use hormonal medications that have unpleasant side effects such as headache, swelling and varicose veins;
  • Better control over the changes in your body by being daily attentive to what happens in your intimate region;
  • Safety in having intercourse on the right days to avoid the risk of becoming pregnant.

Furthermore, knowing the basic pattern of fertility allows you to know the days when a woman can have intercourse without the risk of becoming pregnant, without having to use any contraceptive method, just observing the body's signals daily.

On the other hand, in the case of women over 35 years of age, the use of this method may not be advantageous, since changes in vaginal secretion may not be so evident. The Billings ovulation method indicates a probability of ovulation and is therefore not an exact measure of ovulation, in addition to being interfered with by the woman's interpretation.

Is the Billings ovulation method safe?

The Billings Ovulation Method is safe, scientifically based and recommended by the World He alth Organization, and when performed correctly, protects against unwanted pregnancy by up to 99%.

However, adolescents and women who are not aware of their menstrual cycle on a daily basis should choose another contraceptive method, such as a condom, IUD or birth control pill, for example, to avoid unwanted pregnancy, as for the Billings method To be safe, one should be aware of the mucus present in the vulva every day, noting its changes daily. See how to choose the best contraceptive method.

How to avoid pregnancy with the Billings method

Although many women use this method to get pregnant, it is also possible to use it to avoid pregnancy, being recommended for this:

  • Having sex every other day during days when a woman feels her vulva is dry, which usually happens in the final days of menstruation and the first few days after menstruation;
  • Do not have sex during menstruation as it is not possible to verify the consistency of the mucus during this period and whether it corresponds to fertility. Although the probability of pregnancy after sexual intercourse during menstruation is low, the risk exists and may compromise the effectiveness of the Billings method;
  • Do not have sex when feeling very wet and up to 4 days after the onset of wet feeling.

It is not recommended to have intimate contact without a condom when you feel that the vulva is naturally wet or slippery throughout the day because these signs indicate the fertile period and there is a high chance of pregnancy. Thus, during this period it is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse or to use condoms to avoid pregnancy.

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