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Table for nãdoes getting pregnant really work?

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Table for nãdoes getting pregnant really work?
Table for nãdoes getting pregnant really work?

To use the chart to avoid becoming pregnant, it is important to pay attention to the fertile period and avoid having sex during this period, as this will reduce the likelihood of pregnancy. However, the table is not a totally effective method to avoid pregnancy, because some women may have an irregular menstrual cycle or have their fertile period influenced by emotional situations, for example.

Thus, the best way to avoid pregnancy is to associate the table with the use of other contraceptive methods, such as the use of contraceptive pills and condoms, mainly because, in addition to avoiding unwanted pregnancy, it prevents the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.


Which days you cannot have intercourse

Whoever does not want to get pregnant, cannot have intercourse during their fertile period, which is between the 11th and 17th day, from the first day of the menstrual cycle, in a 28-day cycle. As a woman may have a more irregular cycle, these days may vary from one month to the next, which is why the chart should not be used as an exclusive method to avoid pregnancy.

To calculate fertile period days in case of regular menstrual cycle, what you need to know:

  • What is the interval between 4 menstrual cycles, to count how many days your period takes to come;
  • If you find that the interval is not always the same, you must find an average of days;
  • After that, you must divide that number by 2 to find exactly the middle of the cycle;
  • The middle day of the cycle is the most fertile day of the month;
  • And the fertile period is the 3 days before and the 3 days after that day.

Put the data into the following calculator to find out when the fertile period is:

So, knowing when the fertile period is, the woman should avoid having sex during this period in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

How to avoid pregnancy with the little table

To avoid pregnancy using the chart, it is important to associate another contraceptive method, so that it is possible to prevent pregnancy more effectively. Thus, it is recommended that condoms be used in all sexual relations, as it also protects against sexually transmitted infections, in addition to another method such as the contraceptive pill, vaginal ring or diaphragm, for example, in the case of women, or vasectomy in the case of man.

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