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12 symptoms that menstruationçãis isá próxima

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12 symptoms that menstruationçãis isá próxima
12 symptoms that menstruationçãis isá próxima

A few days before the start of the menstrual period, a woman may notice some signs and symptoms that indicate that menstruation is about to arrive, such as having more sensitive breasts than normal or being easily irritated, for example.

These changes, known as PMS symptoms, are normal and usually happen every month, remaining until the end of childbearing age, which occurs around 45 to 50 years old, when menopause occurs.

To alleviate these symptoms, the use of medication or the practice of activities that promote relaxation, such as physical activities, yoga or massage, for example, may be indicated. Check out how to relieve the main symptoms of PMS.

How to know if your period will come

To know if menstruation is about to come, it is important to pay attention to some symptoms that appear in most women, such as:

  1. Abdominal swelling;
  2. Liquid retention;
  3. Headache or migraine;
  4. Sudden change of mood;
  5. Irritability;
  6. Tiredness;
  7. Indisposition;
  8. Anxiety;
  9. Emotional disorders;
  10. Swollen and painful breasts;
  11. Appearance of pimples;
  12. Increased appetite.

Signs of the onset of menstruation usually appear due to hormonal changes and can be relieved with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ponstan, or antispasmodics and analgesics such as Buscopan or Atroveran, for example.In addition, practicing activities that promote relaxation also help to reduce symptoms, and it may be interesting to practice physical activities, walk in the park or do meditation, for example. Learn how to relieve the symptoms of menstruation.

Symptoms of first period

The first menstruation, also known as menarche, generally takes place around the age of 12 and is marked by the appearance of some signs and symptoms as a result of some hormonal changes, such as the appearance of pubic and armpit hair, enlargement of the hips, appearance of pimples and abdominal pain, for example. See how to identify that the first period is approaching.

Menstruation calculator

In addition to the symptoms, it is possible to know when your period will come by knowing how many days your period normally lasts and when your last period was. If you want to know when your period will come, enter your data below:

During the menstrual period, many women suffer from migraine and a good way to combat this headache is to invest in pleasurable activities, rest and light physical activity. Drinking cinnamon tea is also a good option because it accelerates the onset of menstruation, and consequently these symptoms become less intense.

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