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5 hemorrhoid symptoms (and how to treat them)

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5 hemorrhoid symptoms (and how to treat them)
5 hemorrhoid symptoms (and how to treat them)

When there is anal pain and bleeding, especially during the act of defecating, appearing stools with streaks of blood or staining the toilet paper with blood, it may indicate the presence of hemorrhoids.

Symptoms that may indicate hemorrhoids include:

  1. Pain in the anus when its surface is rubbed by toilet paper or underwear;
  2. Small ball in the anus that increases in volume;
  3. Discomfort that may become persistent due to dilated hemorrhoidal veins;
  4. Releasing of mucus and feeling that the rectum has not been completely emptied;
  5. Anal itching, due to difficulty in cleaning the anus because of the pain.

When the hemorrhoid is not externalized through the anus, its main symptom is sharp pain in the anal region and the presence of blood in the stool, toilet bowl or toilet paper after defecating.

Hemorrhoids can be visible on the outside of the anus or inside and come out through the rectum when straining to defecate, there are several degrees of hemorrhoids, with grade 1 being inside the anus, grade 2 coming out of the anus during evacuation and grades 3 and 4 are outside the anus, being visible.

When hemorrhoids may appear

A person can have more than one hemorrhoid and it can appear at any stage of life, although they are more common in adults and the elderly, especially affecting people who suffer from constipation and need to strain to evacuate, and overweight people.

Hemorrhoids are also common during pregnancy, presenting the same symptoms and treatment can also be performed in the same way.

How to treat hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be treated with hemorrhoid ointment, sitz baths, stool softening and in more severe cases, the doctor may even recommend surgery. See some examples of ointments for hemorrhoids.

Sitting in a basin filled with warm water and adding some chamomile, cypress or horse chestnut tea is a good way to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

See how to prepare home remedies like these in the following video:

But in addition, it is important not to eat spicy foods and soft drinks, and increase the intake of fruits and whole foods, in addition to drinking plenty of water, to help soften the stools, so that when they are eliminated they do not cause pain. Here's what to do to get rid of hemorrhoids.

When to go to the doctor

It is advisable to go to the doctor when observing the symptoms mentioned above because an examination of the region quickly determines the existence of hemorrhoids and so the doctor can indicate the most appropriate form of treatment.

Although the general practitioner can identify hemorrhoids, treatment and surgery are usually performed by the proctologist.

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