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Does taking Furosemide make you lose weight?

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Does taking Furosemide make you lose weight?
Does taking Furosemide make you lose weight?

Furosemide is a drug with diuretic and antihypertensive properties, being indicated to treat mild to moderate high blood pressure and swelling due to heart, kidney and liver problems, for example.

This medication can be used to lose weight due to its diuretic property, removing excess fluid from the body. However, Furosemide should not be taken indiscriminately and without medical advice, as overdose can be harmful to he alth, which can lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure, change in heart rate and dehydration, in addition to apathy, mental confusion, delusions and kidney failure.

Furosemide, commercially known as Lasix, can be found in any pharmacy and can cost between R$5 and R$12.00, depending on the region. Learn more about Lasix.


What can happen when taking Furosemide

According to the Furosemide package insert, one of the side effects of its use is lowering blood pressure. If the individual already has low blood pressure and takes the drug, it can have more serious consequences, such as shock, for example, if not accompanied by a doctor. See what types of shock there are.

Although Furosemide is popularly known for the purpose of losing weight, it should not be used to achieve this result as it can have many other negative effects on the body. So, although many people experience weight loss after starting the use of furosemide, this only happens by eliminating the accumulated fluids in the body, having no effect on fat burning.

The drug Furosemide is prohibited in sports competitions, as it can alter the results of the competition, due to the decrease in body weight, being easily recognized in the anti-doping test. In addition, diabetics should be extra careful when consuming Furosemide as it can alter blood sugar levels and alter glucose tests.

The use of Furosemide can also favor the occurrence of cramps, dizziness, increased uric acid concentration and metabolic alkalosis. That's why before using the drug it is important to have medical follow-up and know if the use can be done without risk. For those who do not have an indication for the use of this medication, but who want to deflate and lose weight, there are alternatives to natural diuretics that help to combat fluid retention, causing fewer he alth risks, such as horsetail, hibiscus or gotu kola, for example. Check out what it is for and how to take natural diuretics in capsules.

Who should not take it

The use of Furosemide is contraindicated for those who have renal failure, dehydration, liver disease or are allergic to Furosemide, Sulfonamides or to the constituents of the drug. The use of the drug by people who have any of the conditions can lead to serious complications. That's why it's important to consult a doctor to check if it's possible to use the drug without any risk and what the most appropriate dose is.

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