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What can be a low belly in pregnancy?

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What can be a low belly in pregnancy?
What can be a low belly in pregnancy?

A low belly in pregnancy is more common during the third trimester, as a result of the baby increasing in size. In most cases, a low belly during pregnancy is normal and can be related to factors such as weakness of the muscles and ligaments of the belly, previous pregnancies, weight of the pregnant woman or approaching the time of delivery, for example.

There are still myths that the shape of the belly can be a sign that the baby is a boy or a girl, however, it is important that the pregnant woman knows that there is no relationship between the height of the belly and the sex of the baby.

However, if the woman is worried about the shape of her belly, she should go to the gynecologist, to see if everything is ok with her and her baby. Also know what a hard belly can be during pregnancy.

Some of the most common causes of low belly can be:

1. Strength of muscles and ligaments

A low belly in pregnancy can be related to the strength of the muscles and ligaments that support the growing uterus. Some women may have weak or under-toned belly muscles, causing them to become lower as their belly grows due to lack of support.

2. Previous pregnancies

If the woman has been pregnant before, it is very likely that she will have a low belly in a second or third pregnancy. This happens because, during pregnancy, the muscles and ligaments are weakened, losing strength for later pregnancies to hold the baby at the same height.

3. Approximation of the date of delivery

A low belly can also be related to the baby's position. As the pregnancy progresses, particularly in the days leading up to delivery, the baby may move down to fit into the pelvic region, causing the belly to be lower.

4. Baby position

The low belly may be related to the baby's position, which can be found in the lateral position.

Also, in some cases, the low belly can be related to the baby. A lower than normal fundus height may mean that the baby is not growing normally or that there is not enough fluid in the water bag.

5. Weight gain

Some pregnant women who gain a lot of weight during pregnancy may notice a lower belly than normal. Also, the greater the weight of the baby, the more likely it is that the belly will get smaller.

Know what to eat to prevent weight gain during pregnancy.

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