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Pregnancy 2023

Baby developmentê - 5 weeks of gestationção

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Baby developmentê - 5 weeks of gestationção
Baby developmentê - 5 weeks of gestationção

Week of gestation: 5 weeks

Equals to month: beginning of 2nd month

Equals to days: 29 to 35 days of gestation

The development of the baby at 5 weeks of gestation is marked by the formation of the small heart of the embryo that beats and pumps blood at an accelerated rate. In addition, the arms and legs begin to develop and there is also the formation of a small protuberance that will be the head, but which is still smaller than the head of a pin.

At this stage of pregnancy, the cervix produces a thick mucus that will isolate the baby from the external environment, protecting the embryo against infections. In addition, due to hormonal changes, a woman may feel a lot of nausea, especially in the morning, and the symptoms of tiredness, breast tenderness and irritability may be more intense.


Baby development

In the fifth week of pregnancy, the embryo takes on a seahorse-like appearance and the head, arms, legs and skeleton begin to develop. All the structures that will give rise to the baby's vital organs are already formed and small blood vessels begin to form, allowing blood circulation between the baby and the mother.

The primitive placenta and umbilical cord, which provide nutrients and oxygen to the embryo, are already working and the amniotic sac is formed.

During this phase, the small chambers of the heart have already formed and the embryo's heart is already beating at an accelerated rate, which can be seen and heard by ultrasound, usually at the end of the 5th week.

Baby size

The size of the embryo at 5 weeks gestation is less than 3 millimeters, equivalent to the size of an apple seed.

Changes in a woman's body

In the fifth week of pregnancy, hormonal changes, which are normal during pregnancy, can make the breasts more painful, heavy and with a slight tingling sensation in the nipples. In addition, symptoms of drowsiness, excessive tiredness and frequent nausea may appear, which can happen at any time of the day, being more common in the morning when waking up.

The body's metabolism, heart rate and breathing increase due to the work the body has to do to send oxygen and nutrients to the developing baby.

At this stage, the formation of the mucous plug in the cervix, which is a thick gelatinous substance produced by the glands of the cervix, occurs to protect the baby from infections. Learn how to identify the mucus plug.

Emotional changes during the fifth week of pregnancy can be more evident as sensitivity, nervousness and anxiety.

Care during the 5th week

In the 5th week of pregnancy, the pregnant woman may feel hungrier than usual and it is important that the food is of quality and not in greater quantity, because everything that the woman eats is passed on to the baby. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the intake of a greater amount of nutrients, including fresh foods, fruits, cooked vegetables, fish, whole grains, water and skimmed milk in the diet.

Furthermore, you should avoid sweets, cakes, processed and heavily spiced foods, and alcoholic or sugary drinks. Learn more about eating during pregnancy.

During this phase, it is also common for many pregnant women to stop eating for fear of feeling nauseous or vomiting. To avoid this discomfort and ensure the intake of essential nutrients for the baby's development, the ideal is to eat at short intervals every 2 or 3 hours and in small amounts or treat with simple measures such as chewing pieces of ginger. See other natural ways to relieve morning sickness.

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