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How many pounds can I gain during pregnancy?

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How many pounds can I gain during pregnancy?
How many pounds can I gain during pregnancy?

A woman can gain between 7 and 15 kg during the nine months or 40 weeks of pregnancy, depending on the weight she had before becoming pregnant. This means that a woman should gain around 2 kg in the first three months of pregnancy. As of the 4th month of pregnancy, a woman should gain, on average, 0.5 kg per week for a he althy pregnancy.

Therefore, if a woman's body mass index-BMI-when pregnant is normal, it is acceptable for her to gain between 11 and 15 kg during pregnancy. If the woman is overweight, it is important that she does not gain more than 11 kg. However, if the pre-pregnancy weight is very low, it is possible for the mother to gain more than 15 kg to produce a he althy baby.

In cases of pregnancy with twins, the pregnant woman can gain 5 kg more than pregnant with just one baby, also according to the weight she had before becoming pregnant and her BMI.

Know how many kilos you can gain in pregnancy

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Although pregnancy is not the time to go on diets or dietary restrictions, it is important that the woman has a he althy diet, does regular physical activity and has weight gain under control, to ensure a good postpartum recovery. delivery and the he alth of the baby as well.

See our tips for not gaining weight in the right measure:

How to calculate the weight you can gain

If you prefer to calculate the weight you can gain manually and follow the evolution of your weight each week, you must calculate your BMI before becoming pregnant and then compare it with the values ​​in the table:

BMI (before getting pregnant) BMI Rating Recommended weight gain (until the end of pregnancy) Ranking for weight chart
< 19.8 kg/m2 Underweight 12 to 18 Kg


19, 8 to 26 kg/m2 Normal 11 to 15 Kg B
26 to 29 kg/m2 Overweight 7 to 11 Kg C
> 29 kg/m2 Obesity Minimum of 7 Kg D

Now, knowing your classification for the weight chart (A, B, C or D) you must place a ball corresponding to your weight that week, in the following chart:

Weight gain chart during pregnancy

Pregnancy weight gain chart

Thus, over time, it is easier to see if the weight remains within the recommended range for the letter assigned to it in the table. If the weight is above the range it means that the weight gain is being very fast, but if it is below the range it may be a sign that the weight gain is not being enough and it may be recommended to consult the obstetrician.

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