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Grálife can eat fish? Allowed types (and which ones to avoid)

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Grálife can eat fish? Allowed types (and which ones to avoid)
Grálife can eat fish? Allowed types (and which ones to avoid)

Overconsumption of fish during pregnancy can be harmful to he alth, mainly due to the amount of mercury that tends to accumulate in your meat. This mercury, ingested by the mother, passes through the placenta and can harm the baby's neurological development.

However, fish consumption should not be completely avoided during pregnancy either, as its nutrients bring benefits for the he althy development of the baby. The ideal is that the fish is consumed in moderation and giving preference to some types such as salmon, sardines, tilapia, catfish (surubim) or cod. Other fish such as tuna and dorado are less suitable, as they are fish that usually contain a greater amount of mercury.

Recommendations of types of fish that can or cannot be consumed during pregnancy may vary between different regions. Therefore, the ideal is to consult a nutritionist or an obstetrician regarding its consumption during pregnancy.

Fish that can be eaten

The most suitable fish during pregnancy are:

  • Salmon;
  • Sardine;
  • Singuado;
  • Herring;
  • Hake;
  • Codfish;
  • Tilapia;
  • Bagre.

These fish can usually be eaten 2 to 3 times a week, preferably grilled or roasted and in the amount of approximately 100g per meal, which is approximately equivalent to the palm of a hand.

Other fish such as dorado and tuna should not be eaten more than once a week.

The ideal is to consult an obstetrician or nutritionist regarding the recommendations, as they may vary from one region to another.

Can pregnant women eat raw fish?

Raw fish during pregnancy should be avoided, because these foods can have bacteria and viruses that are not eliminated by the cooking process and, therefore, can more easily cause food poisoning.

If the pregnant woman really likes sushi or rare fish dishes, the ideal is to wait a little until the baby is born and, until then, prefer well-done or cooked fish. Check out other foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Can shrimp and seafood be eaten?

Some seafood, such as shrimp or oysters, can be consumed during pregnancy, as they contain similar amounts of mercury to fish, and should be consumed in the same amount of 100g per meal. They must also be well cooked, avoiding eating them raw or undercooked.

The ideal is that the choice is always made with the guidance of a nutritionist or obstetrician.

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