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7 tips to get better from the flu faster

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7 tips to get better from the flu faster
7 tips to get better from the flu faster

The flu is a disease caused by the Influenza virus, which generates symptoms such as sore throat, cough, fever or runny nose, which can be very uncomfortable and interfere with daily life.

Treatment for the flu is usually done at home with adequate rest and hydration, but it can also include the use of some remedies to relieve discomfort, as long as we recommend it to a doctor. Check out a list of the main medicines used to treat the flu.

Also, at home you can take some precautions to speed up recovery and help fight the flu, such as gargling with warm s alt water, or using a hot water bottle on your muscles, for example.


Check out the main tips to get better from a cold faster.

1. Rest

Rest is essential to lessen the symptoms of the flu and cold, as it allows the body to use all its energy to fight the illness. Doing any physical activity when you are sick lowers the body's defenses, increases the risk of exposure to other infectious agents and delays healing.

2. Drinking lots of fluids

Fluids, especially water, are even more important if the flu causes a fever, as dehydration can result. In addition, liquids such as fruit juices, teas, smoothies and soups can provide the nutrients needed when a person cannot eat.

3. Use medication only with guidance

If there are many symptoms, the doctor may recommend the use of certain medications, such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen, to relieve symptoms and speed up recovery. But ideally, these medications should only be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Get to know the main remedies for flu.

4. Gargle with s alt water

Gargles with s alt water help to reduce the discomfort and inflammation of the throat that can occur in the flu, in addition to being effective in removing secretions present there.

5. Increase humidity

Increasing the humidity of the place where you are, such as in the bedroom or in a study room, for example, helps to reduce the discomfort of coughing and dry nose. To do this, just leave a bucket of water in the room.

6. Use a hot water bottle

In some cases, there may also be muscle pain, so using a hot water bottle on the muscles helps to reduce muscle discomfort, as it helps to relax the muscles due to the vasodilation it causes.

7. Nasal wash with saline

Making a nasal wash with serum helps to eliminate nasal secretion, which is increased in the flu and cold, and reduces discomfort in the region, preventing headache, the feeling of a blocked nose and the development of sinusitis.

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