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Penile bioplasty: what é, how é made and recoverção

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Penile bioplasty: what é, how é made and recoverção
Penile bioplasty: what é, how é made and recoverção

Penile bioplasty, also called penis filling, is an aesthetic procedure that aims to increase the diameter of the penis through the application of substances in this organ, such as polymethylmethacrylate, popularly known as PMMA.

Although it is a simple and quick procedure, it is not recommended by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, as it has risks that are related to the quality and quantity of the applied substance, which can result in a severe inflammatory process, increased risk of infection and organ necrosis. Therefore, it is important that the penile bioplasty is well thought out and that the man knows the risks associated with the procedure.

How is penile bioplasty performed

Penile bioplasty should be performed by a trained professional, preferably by a plastic surgeon, since despite being a simple procedure, it is delicate and precise, and lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. To perform the bioplasty, it is necessary to use local anesthesia and the penis to be erect so that the substance applied can spread evenly throughout the penis.

The substance applied may vary according to the application site, that is, if the man wants to increase the diameter of the glans, hyaluronic acid is usually applied, since it is a more sensitive and this substance can be absorbed by the body, while for the rest of the penis PMMA is used to thicken it. It is also possible that the person's own fat is applied to thicken the penis, but this procedure is rarer.In addition, the amount to be applied of the substance can vary according to how much you want to thicken, which can result in an increase of up to 5 cm in diameter.

Although it is a quick, simple procedure, which does not require cutting, it has risks and a high cost, ranging from 2 thousand to 20 thousand reais depending on the professional who will perform the procedure, place in to be applied and amount of substance.

In addition, like any aesthetic procedure, bioplasty has risks, mainly related to the quantity and quality of the substance applied, which can result in excessive inflammatory response, infections, formation of nodules, risk of rejection of the substance by the body and necrosis, for example. Therefore, to minimize risks, it is recommended that bioplasty be performed only by experienced professionals and in a safe and adequate environment.

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What is recovery like

After performing the bioplasty, the man can go home and continue his daily activities without any problem, however it is recommended that he does not have sexual intercourse for about 30 to 60 days, according to the orientation medical, to avoid that the results are compromised and that there are deformities over time.

Although it is a low-risk procedure, it is important to be aware of any change in the penis and in the application site, going to the doctor if any signs or symptoms appear that could be indicative of infection, for example.

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