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7 natural tranquilizers (for anxiety, insomnia and nervousness)

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7 natural tranquilizers (for anxiety, insomnia and nervousness)
7 natural tranquilizers (for anxiety, insomnia and nervousness)

An excellent natural tranquilizer is passionflower incarnata, also known as passion fruit flower because this plant, in addition to being easy to find, has strong sedative properties that help calm anxiety and promote sleep, leaving the person calmer, serene and peaceful.

However, there are many other plants that also have similar actions, decreasing anxiety and nervousness. Other examples include:

  • Valeriana: its root has a calming and sleep-stimulating action, so it is very suitable in cases of agitation, insomnia, phobia or anxiety;
  • St John's wort or St John's wort: it is a good restorative for the nervous system and anti-depressant, and can be used in the treatment of depression, anxiety and nervous agitation;
  • Chamomile: has a calming action on the digestive and nervous system, creating a feeling of harmony, which helps to calm down in states of agitation and nervousness;
  • Tília: has calming properties, helping to treat nervous system disorders such as excessive stress, anxiety and hysteria;
  • Melissa or lemon balm: has a calming action and can be used in case of sleep disorders, nervousness and anxiety;
  • Lavender: rich in coumarin and essential oils that have calming and relaxing properties, acting against nervous tension.

It is possible to make tea from all these plants, however, there are also food supplements in the form of pills available in he alth food stores, supermarkets and some pharmacies. Generally, supplements should be indicated by a herbalist or nutritionist to know the most appropriate dose. Supplements work well to alleviate long-term symptoms, reducing the onset of anxiety attacks, for example.


How to make soothing tea

To make the tea, you must select one of the plants with a calming effect and then add 1 sachet, or 20 grams of the plant, in 1 cup of boiling water for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, the tea can be taken 2 to 3 times throughout the day or before situations that cause more stress.

In case you need a sedative to sleep, the most suitable tea is valerian, as it increases the levels of melatonin, important for inducing sleep. In this case, the tea should be taken 15 to 30 minutes before bed and, during this period, you should avoid watching television or using any other electronic device, such as a cell phone. See all the tips to treat insomnia and sleep better.

The main advantage over the tranquilizers sold in the pharmacy is the fact that they do not cause side effects or dependence. However, and although they can be bought without a prescription, they should only be used under the guidance of a doctor or herbalist, especially regarding their dosage, since some of these herbs when consumed in excess can be toxic.

Natural tranquilizers in pills

Some examples of natural tranquilizers in pills are the following herbal medicines:

  • Passiflorine;
  • Maracugina;
  • Sintocalmy;
  • Pasalix;
  • Recalm;
  • Serenus;
  • Calman;
  • Ansiopax.

These herbal medicines, despite being composed of natural substances, should only be used under the guidance of a doctor or a herbalist or nutritionist, although they can be purchased without a prescription. They have calming properties that act on the brain by calming the individual due to their sedative action.

Watch the following video and see other natural ways to manage stress and anxiety:

Natural options for pregnant women

Natural tranquilizers for pregnant women can only be used under the guidance of the obstetrician who is performing prenatal care and in case of extreme need, as they can cause side effects or be unsafe for the baby. A good natural tranquilizer that can be used by pregnant women and that has no contraindications is the natural passion fruit juice.

In case of insomnia during pregnancy, here are some simple tips that can help.

Natural options for babies

A good natural tranquilizer for babies is chamomile tea with fennel, which in addition to calming, favoring sleep and helping to combat gases that cause colic, especially in the first months of a child's life.

There is a food supplement called funchicórea that contains these medicinal plants and can be used as a natural tranquilizer for babies and newborns, but although it can be purchased without a prescription, it should only be used with the knowledge of the child's pediatrician.

Another natural soothing option for babies over 6 months old, who have already started a diversified diet, is natural passion fruit juice Simply blend the pulp of 1 passion fruit with 1 glass of water, strain and then offer the baby or child about half a glass.

See how to massage baby's feet to sleep better.

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